tw: domestic violence

Delicate porcelain, I know you tried, trust me I do

Tried hard to not break, to not fall

But a slave of impact, consequent of fury

You shatter, lay broken, what once stood tall

Delicate porcelain, I wish I were like you

You told the world you were fragile

But I put up a facade of bravery, yet inside

My heart was made of finer clay, and my soul, ever so docile

Delicate porcelain, you really charmed him

For he took great care of you, and yet you were shattered

By the man you never thought could ever

As for me, what can I say, nothing I said really mattered

Delicate porcelain, you were hope to me you know

I thought now he would be gentle to me, just as with you

But the blood in my mouth quenched the thirst for gentility

And I knew it was just a matter of time for you too

Delicate porcelain, when you fell, I felt bad, trust me I did

For in you I had found a friend who was as delicate as me

But when you broke, I knew we differed

For it ended there for you, but it would take an eternity for me to be

Delicate porcelain, I am so happy for you

For he mourns your loss, he takes it out on me but it's fine

You left me with hope, for a man too blind to see me broken

picked up your pieces, and someday might just stumble upon mine.