To be boiled in blazing oil, they said

For you've sinned, never to be forgiven

Inward, I smile for I know that they

who cloak themselves in self righteousness

Fantasize about me every night in bed.

I pity them, for they know not how it is

When the beams of sunlight reflect gold

on your skin, the blinding light of it

Never to get enough

They said have a conscience

you have so much and they so little

And yet you want yours, theirs and more

But oh my darling I'm intoxicated

For the day it's shimmer entered my eyes

I knew I had to have it all, by means uncouth

I couldn't care less

Greed, they call it a sin, forbidden

And yet it's their deepest, darkest fantasy

Fuck them I say, for morals don't pleasure you

even close to that of the glistening gold.

Reach out for it I'd say, while I slip away

In search for more and more and more.