tw: rape, sexual abuse

I beg you to stop, for the sake of humanity

You refuse to adhere, the epitome of insanity

My screams my tears go down the drain

You're monsters let loose, you are not sane

Uninvited guests on my body were your hands

The devil's out to play, this isn't romance

I'm hurt, I bleed, I cry so loud

Do you find this justified, do you have no doubts?

I wriggle and twist myself in despair

You bend my wrists, you drag me by my hair

You devoured my body you filthy beasts

You were hungry cannibals and I was your feast

You scratch me, bite me, rip out my soul

I fought all the while, now I'm loosing control

You take turns, you fight for who goes next

My mom must be worried, she received no text

It's dark outside, is my daughter okay?

I hear my phone ring but there's nothing to say

Your hands shut my mouth by force

You have a demented smile, no sign of remorse

Your touch so rough like splinters on my skin

Your fingers seem to be like insects within

I'm nothing to you but a mere object

Did I do something wrong I introspect

Was I provocative, was I vulgar, was I cheap ?

Did I give my consent when I asked you to leave?

Did my right to refuse hold no relevance ?

Or you're too deaf to hear your own conscience ?

You're done now, you leave me there

As naked as the dogs I am who stare

They too are animals, but have you ever heard

That a dog raped another it's just absurd

We say we are the pinnacles of evolution

They are termed primitive, yet have more compassion

It's shameful you know, catastrophic but true

I am more comfortable naked with them than fully clothed with you.