Every time I fell, I felt your

strong masculine hands grip me

Look into my eyes, saying it's alright

I'm here, forever and always

Since then I fell often,

Not out of balance but for those hands

Which picked me up every time

For those eyes who spoke of forever

Little did I know, and I wish I did

That one day those arms would get sore

of lifting me, and those eyes

reduced to a ritual, reciting forever

One day you didn't extend your arms

Your eyes too were shut, so I got up myself

Placed your hands on mine, waiting

for your eyes to open, to speak of forever

You opened your eyes, looked at me

Spoke of forever, my heart stopped

for you said what I yearned to listen

And yet I saw the ritual it had now become

Every time I fall, I feel your hands

Strong & masculine, grip me, your eyes,

speaking of forever, While I quietly wait

for the day you mean it the same way again.