Red Scarf: A love letter

tw: suicide, mentions of self-harm

This is a love letter, to my darling, the love of my life, My gorgeous beauty, what did I ever do to deserve you? As gentle as you are, as comforting as you could get

This is a love letter, raw, naked and pure.

Your touch, ever so gentle, tended to my wounds

that my exterior bore, that no one could see but me

We saw the world, you and I, for what it really was

and you held me close as I wept, for it was nothing close to what I fathomed it to be

You accepted my all, my stretch marks, my bulging fat

my wicked heart, my resentful soul and my cowardice

you hid with me, you ran with me, hid from the monsters lurking out

and ran from the devil so close, the clan of Satan, those antichrists

We stumbled upon secrets, also known as truths

like Paradise exists, only it's known as oblivion these days

and that the black hole they search for hides deep within them

and emotions can be deciphered is fiction, reality is that it's an unending maze

My love, they mock us, they try to tell me you're not real

but I don't believe them, in fact I thank them for making me laugh

for isn't it so funny, that they who claim to be real were so incapable of love

laugh at you, my only constant, my lovely red scarf

Yes I'm in love with you red scarf, though our love story was silent

you never spoke, it was beautiful, for those who did just shredded my sanity

you held my hand when I was forsaken by them all, they, who said you couldn't love

loved me for who I was, unlike them, who saw me engulfed in vanity

If this is not love, I don't know what is. So my darling red scarf

I ask you for one last favor, as I drape you around my neck, with love

to accompany me on my last voyage, to a lovely island, just you and me

it's called the graveyard. Untouched and eternal, so deep under and yet so above.