Oblivious sheet of nothingness

I feel like doing nothing, simply nothing

Neither walk nor breathe, either talk or repeat

just nothing, not for me not for you, for no one

Neither the strength to end it all at once

Nor the grit to walk any further

So I just sit, waiting, waiting for time

to do what I can't. Cease, stop, freeze, abort.

They say I've sinned, made sloth my mistress

Rather ironic coming from the living dead

They ask me to stop, stop doing nothing

And I ask them, pray start doing what ?

Bloodthirsty hounds hunting for prey

To belittle, to slander, to maim, to break

Love, I rather drown in indolence

Than swim in a pool of crimson blood

So I sit, staring blank into an endless abyss

Waiting for nothing for nothing is where I came from