Grey hair of wisdom and wrinkles of time

Came across a boy so naive was nine

Her eyes were like the garlands that hung on front doors

Just a piece of adornment no actual use could see no more

Her crinkled fingers traced the gentle curves of his face

He sighed in pity and said "Oh you're disabled what a disgrace

You're life must be in shambles you're deprived of what all have

You cannot see the prospects the landscapes it's so sad"

She smiled as he stopped you could see her eyes twinkle

A depth they contained a mass of wisdom behind those wrinkles

I know not what color are the skies when it's dawn

But I can tell when the sun fades as the chirping birds are gone

You rise when the golden rays through your windows peek inside

While the fresh breeze brushes past my face and whispers it's time to rise

You see the mountains but have you ever smelt the scent

That tells you on the lofty hills you are as you descent

You know the skies are cyan and the oceans a deep blue

But have you felt them unite at the horizon, have you?

You can see what nature's like but have you ever truly felt

Transcended in its beauty and serenity that makes hearts melt

You can not see it on the face, but I can sense it in her voice

The quiver in her laugh, her silence amidst the noise

You can not tell how hurt he is when he says he doesn't care

But I can feel the broken man inside too scared to share

You see her smile her state of bliss you see her filled with glee

But I knew right before she curled her lips I felt the ecstasy

I know not how my husband looks how he appears outside

But the world can't spot him in a crowd in me his touch resides

You forget faces forget people forget names over time

But I remember every voice every touch even though I'm blind

It's not the eyes that maketh thee but what thee maketh thyself

My disability my biggest ability I'm as sufficient as anyone else

Remove the mist from yours and look through my black lens

You and I are actually the same in all sense.