To them unnamed, I have just few words to say

To those unspoken- "I'm sorry"

The ones I've scarred and those I've maimed, today

I bow in repentance, it's time for me

To say this, shook me to the core

You left me broken, and shredded my heart

But then again I broke so many more

Shattered and shamed and tore them apart

My looking glass had a lens of perfection

Through them is how I saw you

My eyes, the actual imperfection

But you had left by then, I wish I knew

prior, i would have stopped you there

But you left, never glanced back

My heart throbs till date, but somewhere

Lied a heart that I stabbed brutally, sacked

and buried in my backyard, it's horrors remain untold

Irreversible those things I'm well aware but still

there blossoms hope, our broken hearts in gold

Could be sealed yet again, despite possibilities nil

You stabbed I bled, I messed your mind

We both, culprits and on the run, to be arrested

My tears, they watered and raised a plant but when I looked behind

I was the reason an entire forest existed.