Your eyes; I always found them to be so beautiful

They had a walled mysterious depth, that drew me then

Perhaps always will.

These days you're like autumn in December,

Both that occur, but never together

Just like we meet but never look.

As for when we happen to look, by chance

Your eyes never fail to convey to me

That all I am to you now is a stranger

Yet somewhere, when I push through your multiple walls

Which I realize had always existed, keeping a part of you hidden, like a well protected secret

Walls vandalized, with black paint that writes oblivion

I find a question, the cold blooded murderer of my nights

- Why him?-

From where you stand, I destroyed one and from where I do,

I saved three. You, me and him.

You; for I left you broken, clearly knowing you were on your knees

but your heart didn't cease to beat

Which it would've later, when it would have beaten only for me

Only to be told I wasn't worthy of it

Me; for only I saw the wounds on my wrist from trying to keep myself from letting go of your hand

Later, only to choose between you over me or me over you. Trust me, I would always choose the former.

Him: for he would never believe the old fables again,

The ones that said that 'love, when pure was all that mattered'

Later, to be a man that chose mind, but had a caged animal within that blindly chose heart. Perhaps wiser to keep it caged

So now, do you see me as the one who saved

Or the the one who wrecked?

You needn't answer that

Your eyes already did it for me.